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Paris (2007), Berlin (2008), Toulouse (2011)


« A laboratory is an extraordinary moment. Although the role of experience is fundamental, we have no guarantee of what will be the final result. This workshop is geared towards exploring the body in fight and inpleasure modes, its different states of being, its contradictions. From a renewed shock to a pleasure without inhibitions, the body remains a space in continual motion. As impact is our starting point, we then have to absorb it, glue all the pieces back together in a new pattern and make up what’s to come.To build ourselves a way, find an opening… This course welcomes all individual interested in the body in motion,the body as a construction site. »


// September 6-13, 2011

WORKSHOP avec le GdRA / L’Usine-Tournefeuille

// September 8-14, 2008

Schwelle7 / Berlin

// September 17-29, 2007

Studio Micadanses / Paris

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