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PIXIES 9CH (2015)

Installation / Performance
Sound installation + 2 dancers

PIXIES 9CH ©Erik Damiano

What if all that remains from the memory of an adolescence immersed in the music of a rock band, would only be a homeopathic dilution restoring – along the spectator’s trajectory – the emotions of the past. In Pixies 9ch, this is about the memory. Time deteriorates states of past consciousness; it detaches them from their origins, allowing the body, voice, saturation and Larsen effect to reform layers of recollection.


Valérie Leroux is the sound director of the contemporary dance company La Zampa. In this work, she becomes the proposal force for a writing of the sound in the shape of an installation conceived as a space that the audience, as well as the dancers, can make their own for a moment.

Sound Installation Valérie Leroux / La Zampa
Artistic Collaboration Magali Milian, Romuald Luydlin, Benjamin Maumus
Sound Direction Benjamin Maumus
Thanks to Thierry Besche
Danse Magali Milian, Romuald Luydlin
Flute Camille Frachet
Programming Julien Rabin


Production La Zampa
Co-production GMEA Centre National de Création Musicale Albi - Tarn, L’Archipel - Scène Nationale de Perpignan


// January 13 &14, 2017

Le Périscope, Nîmes / Coréalisation entre le Théâtre Le Périscope et Uzès Danse, Centre de développement chorégraphique de l’Uzège, du Gard et du Languedoc Roussillon

// January 10, 2017

Le ZO, Nîmes / Carte Blanche autour de PIXIES 9CH 

// November 13-15, 2015

Aujourd’hui Musiques - Théâtre de l’Archipel, Scène Nationale de Perpignan

// March 18-29, 2015

Journées Electriques GMEA / Le Frigo, Albi

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